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After 20 years of diligent work as a software Engineer for Siebel Systems and Oracle, Raksha Soni began an epic second act: to follow her true calling for Art. She

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Vibrant Indian Art by Deepti

Pieceaheart is super proud to showcase our featured artist of the month, Deepti Agrawal Mittal. An artist, teacher and designer by profession and an explorer at heart, Deepti specializes in

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We work with artists from all over the world, and showcase their work to offer a platform for them to also turn their art into merchandise and reach a global audeince. Reach out to us with your portfolio – Just fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch

Pieceaheart is a platform for artist from around the world, from local artists to new artists, irrespective of the field or medium of creativity.

So whatever your talent may be, we will find a place for you on our design studio. Showcase your art to a global audience and sell your work.

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