Embrace Art With Good Vibes

“Life is about using the whole box of crayons!"
- Rupaul
"If you think my hands are full, you should see my HEART."
"If you can see beauty in everything, YOU ARE AN ARTIST."
"I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart."
- Vincent Van Gough
"If you can dream it, you can do it"
- Walt Disney

What to Expect:

Pieceaheart is a unique online art selling platform where promising amateur and seasoned artists can showcase their work and use their creative talent to create a stream of income. This is a global marketplace supporting individual talent. You can expect beautiful, standalone artwork, handmade pieces ready to adorn your walls and decor, art inspired by age old traditions and culture across the world recreated by talented unsung artists among us.

And the best part, our online customers can choose from an array of art forms including handmade masterpieces, one of a kind pieces or a traditional collector’s piece- this is a melting pot of creativity to satisfy your quest for art made with love.

Why Pieceaheart?

Our goal is to showcase talent and promote small businesses. This platform provides great value to artists across the board. It also provides art lovers with a great selection of gift worthy art that tugs at the heartstrings.  

This is how it works

As an artist, list your first product free and pay a small commission for every product sold.  We are keeping it simple and this makes everything easy


One time Registration Fee: $25

Exciting Promo: For Vendors signing up through December, Registration fee is $1 only

Listing Fee till sale: $3

Transaction Fee: 7.5% per product sold

Payments Accepted:


Pieceaheart provides a dynamic platform and online store for talented artists either starting out on their art journey or those who are looking for a marketplace to showcase and sell their work. The registration is simple and the fees are minimal.   

You can sell any piece that is handmade, art work, gift worthy art, art objects.  Buyers are looking for unique pieces, custom works of art, crafts, etc 

The Vendor/Artist selling the art work pays for the shipping and handling and includes this in the price of the product being sold

The vendor will include the return policy in the product description 

As an artist, please use this section to share your portfolio.  Every month, one or two artists will be featured on our website 

Use this button to create an account and start selling after a simple registration process

Do you want to become a featured artist?

We will feature artists from all over the world. We offer a platform that will feature two new artists per month that will allow them to also turn their art into merchandise and reach a global audience. 

Reach out to us with your portfolio to explore the possibility of getting featured as one of our first artists.

My Story:

Welcome to my world. My colorful canvas, splashed with vibrant colors of life and sparkling hues of dreams. Being an artist myself, I am fascinated by anything that has a creative stroke or a spritz of color. From that little kettle that adorns my kitchen counter to that ornate painting that graces my hallway to the intricate oriental lampshade that lights up my reading nook, art breathes its magic in several forms in my home and in my life.

Pieceaheart takes my passion one step ahead to bring art to life by connecting immensely talented online artists across the world with true connoisseurs of art. It also springs from this innate need to beautify our homes with rare pieces of art, without spending a fortune on them.

With Pieceaheart we are simply connecting the dots. The pandemic has left us with so much time to pursue our skills. Many of us have been creating or have created new masterpieces during this past year. We are giving online artists a global marketplace to showcase and sell their work, by helping them meet the right patrons who would want to buy them.

For the artist it simply makes life easy by saving them the trouble of scouting for the right buyers. They get to channel their time and energies in enriching their skills instead of selling art online.

For the art buyer it gives a great ensemble of multiple online artists to choose from, without store hopping.

Come and experience Piecaheart yourself!

About Me

Hi! I am Ruchika, an Accountant by profession and an artist at heart. My journey began with a dream of an art café many years ago that was propelled by the pandemic year 2020, where I saw a burst of creativity around me. 

Kids, millennials, housewives, working at home professionals including me, all channelizing their inner artist through unique art pieces. Suddenly, there was an explosion of creative energies everywhere, but one thing was surely missing. Where do we showcase our art, how do we take it to the next level, is there a way to monetize our efforts? These were the questions concerning so many of us. And then came the answer. An online platform where global artists could easily connect and share these treasured pieces, with true connoisseurs of art. Thus, Pieceaheart was born. 

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