Vibrant Indian Art by Deepti

Pieceaheart is super proud to showcase our featured artist of the month, Deepti Agrawal Mittal. An artist, teacher and designer by profession and an explorer at heart, Deepti specializes in one of the most intricate and vibrant forms of Indian tribal art – Madhubani Paintings.

Traditionally a folk art from the state of Bihar, Madhubani paintings are strikingly attractive due to their intricate geometrical patterns. Madhubani, which actually means ‘forest of honey’, also finds a mention in some of the ancient Indian texts like the holy Ramayana. Infact, it is said that a Madhubani painting can be spotted even from a far distance due to its visual appeal. What a symphony of colours and charm these splendid art forms bring together!

Deepti has been successful in channelising her deep passion for art with Deepti Designs, where every single art piece showcased is unique and painted or designed by Deepti herself. Her extremely adaptive and versatile style has helped her master this art form, as she brings art to life with her brush strokes and canvas. What’s more? Although not being professionally trained in art, she uses it to her advantage and creates pretty imperfections along her way which have now become her style and ‘artentity’.

Deepti, we welcome you with a warm virtual hug and reserve a special spot for you on our center stage as you bedazzle the world with your art. You are our Pieceaheart!

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